Minimize risk and ensure the success in hotel development and operations with the expert services of L'Collection Hotels.

Development and Assessment
These well-honed steps make all the difference in successful hotel development and operations:
  • Assessing the current situation
  • Detailing recommended improvements to the facility and operations
  • Creating third-party reports detailing the construction of new hotels
Providing third-party reports outlining the roles, rules and results from operations
Let our experienced team of hospitality professionals make sense of the sometimes muddled language that surrounds a very sound necessity and set of rules in the hospitality industry.

L'Collection Hotel's feasibility studies offer valuable insight into the real estate and business complexities involved in acquisition and development projects.

What We Do to Clarify the Complexities
Analyze and verify feasibility studies
Assist in site selection and evaluation
Prepare financial pro forma
Prepare preliminary construction and related cost estimate
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