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Hotel Sales Culture
At L'Collection Hotels, we are customer-oriented sellers.
Customer-oriented behavior is linked to sales performance.

We balance the best interests of the customer and hotel.
Customer service experience is paramount.
We are the first to respond to customer requests.
We follow-up with customers same day.

We are relationship builders.
The seller's relationship with the client affects his perception of the hotel.
Customers buy from people they like and trust.
The seller must create a genuine rapport with the client.
The seller must cultivate personal connections with clients.
We nurture long-term, profitable relationships.

We create and deliver value.
The seller who creates value wins the business.
The seller must apply solutions to customer problems.
The seller generates new solutions for ongoing customer problems.

We drive revenue.
The #1 goal of the sales associate is to generate revenue.
If the activity doesn't drive revenue, it is not a priority.

We understand client's needs.
The seller demonstrates that they understand client needs.
The seller understands the client's problems and objectives.

We collaborate with clients.
Clients are more likely to buy from sellers who help them achieve a goal.
We are responsive, proactive, and easy to buy from.

We are a team-selling organization.
Everybody sells.
Front-desk associates are sales advocates.
GM's and Regional Directors help close business.

We alleviate risk.
Customers are cautious and averse to taking risks.
The seller must build solutions that minimize risk.
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